Feature request

These features are the requested ones from many Math Fun users.
If you have any, please feel free to write us to mSurfLab@gmail.com
We will be more than happy to include yours here.

can you make a choice to have easy multiplication table problems 2 - 5, medium 6 - 10 and hard 2 - 12? I like the easy one already but the hard one just keeps on asking 11x and 12x and we don't really learn those at school. Is not helping me learn 6>

add a new problem type such as adding both addition and subtraction to a single question? such as 89 - 56 + 23 = ? . 

Alphabetical game

display elapsed time.

make the problem level customizable

1. the problems need to get even harder with multiple (4, 5, and 6) digit problems for more advanced students.
2. Even more problematic is that you can't scribble above the problem - like for carrying. You have to do it on the side which is unnatural. The scribble function is one of the features that sets this apart from every other similar app in the market.
3. when the student is doing a review of wrong answers, those that they get right a second (or third) time around needs to have the option to be automatically eliminated from the review set since the student has "learned" how to solve the problem. That way, if the student prefers, he can just focus on the ones that he keeps getting wrong.